Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer 2010 Recap

Okay, I know this blog has pretty much been dead for almost a year, but now that we're heading into fall and basketball season hasn't picked up yet, I have some dead time to update this thing.

First, a quick recap of the summer...
Barrus Family Reunion, Los Angeles California

In June, Jake and I flew to southern California for a Barrus reunion.

We had an amazing time with everybody, but especially with our two nieces, Kylie and Maura, and loved hanging out with Brody, our sole nephew on my side of the family.
<---This is Brody and Kylie at Magic Mountain. They did this game at the beginning, and since all participants get a prize, they both got to rock superman capes around the park that day. I really wish I would have gotten a picture because they looked fabulous.

Erin's Wedding in McCall, ID
Mid-July I had the chance to fly down to Boise and be the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding. Unfortunately, Jake chose to use his time off to go on a caribou hunting trip later on in the summer, and I went by myself. But, being there by myself gave me the opportunity to have a week long girl power party! The week before wedding weekend, I was able to run around with Janny and her best friend Lori. Seems like there's not much we can't find something to laugh about. Then, it was time to drive to McCall for the big day. The wedding was gorgeous, and I was finally able to hang out with Erin's new husband AJ and see for myself what a perfect couple they are. If you need evidence, just observe the picture to the left. SO ADORABLE and yes, I know typing in all caps means I'm technically yelling that but I mean it...SO ADORABLE

These are all the bridesmaids with the blushing bride right before we walked to the pavilion for the ceremony. That was my first time visiting the Shore Lodge but it was a fantastic venue and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Unfortunately I didn't get any good outside photos of the fabulous view of the lake from the ceremony or the reception hall, but take my word for it...it was amazing.

Girl's Camp, LaDaSa Camp Willow, Alaska

I am glad Mary Ann doesn't read my blog because I'm pretty sure she would murder me if she saw I put this picture of her on here. In any case, four days after I got back from my week in Boise I left for girl's camp as I was the ward camp director this year. It was rainy, cold, and gloomy most of the week. Luckily Jake outfit me with all his waterproof camo gear and I found the cutest pink polka dot rain boots, so I was dressed appropriately. And since this year we almost completely certified the girls before they even got there, we had little responsibility and got to party most of the week. Perhaps it's a bad sign when girls come out of their cabins in the middle of the night to scold noisy leaders, but it sure was fun for us! I also swam outside for the first time since moving to Alaska during an excursion to swim across the lake with Mary Ann. Had I known she was planning on doing a full on sprint freestyle, I might have reconsidered, but it was a fun way to end the week.

I literally walked into my front door from girl's camp and met up with Jake's parents who had flown in that morning from Boise. They took a much needed three week vacation, and it was a riot having them here! Our trip was packed full of fishing, hiking, drives, good food, card games, and movie nights. I didn't take too many pictures, but I hijacked this one from my mother-in-law's facebook. The cute couple on the far right is Jake's cousin, Lael and her boyfriend Dan. They came to visit from Portland the week I was at girl's camp. Luckily, they stayed through the weekend so Dennis and Laraine could hang out with them before they returned home.

Throw in a couple basketball camps, trying to find an investment property to buy and continuing to finish the never-ending trim and outside work needed on our own house, we had kind of a crazy summer! And somehow we figured out how to enjoy it even with it being the gloomiest, rainiest summer on record for Anchorage. My poor in-laws suffered through all the rain Alaska had to offer, only for it to clear up the day after they flew out. It's been nothing but sunny skies since then, so I guess we'll settle for a beautiful fall.

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